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Electronics & Communication

Electronics & Communication

Established in the year 2009, the Electronics & Communication Engineering Department, has reputation for excellence in teaching and service. In an age when electronics play a major role in daily life. The information and technology revolution has been built on the advances of Electronics. The work of electronics engineers, the most versatile of all engineers, involves the invention, development, design, operation and management of processes in the company and Society . So they combine the work of several fields such as those of, Hardware engineers, design engineers, service engineers, as well as electronics engineers. The scope of Electronics engineers is the base for communication in this modern world communication, which play a vital role in the field of technology & development, which offers a wide range of working field for our young generation. The electronics engineer may enter the fields of:

  • Hardware and Software
  • Mobile Communication
  • Network Engineering
  • Embedded System Engineering
  • Wireless Systems
  • Satellites Communication System
  • Robotics and Radar Communication System

The focus of DECE diploma is on Electronic Circuits and Communication. In tune with the above objective, the syllabus has subject courses like Electronic devices and circuits, Analog and Digital electronics, Communication system, VLSI, Embedded system etc., .The core programme is supplemented by a well-chosen set of elective courses permitting the students to specialize either in the software or the hardware aspect of VLSI ,Embedded System and Television Engineering.


  • To produce an Enthusiastic Electronics Engineers who involves the invention ,development, design, operation and management in processes of an Organization and Society upliftment and to ensure the world into a comfortable global home.


  • Highly motivated, qualified and experienced staff members.
  • Many staff members have rich industrial experience.
  • Well equipped laboratories with computerized process control lab.
  • Arranging In plant training, industrial visits and personality development programmed for student.
  • Periodical counseling with parents and students for the student’s development.
  • Conducting guest lectures and seminars.

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